Friday, May 25, 2012

Thursday was an Odd Day

Did you ever have a day that just seemed to be a tad off?  One of those days that everything seemed off, or just not normal?  That was Thursday.

Friday's blogs will often include our weekly Thursday potluck dinners here at Isle of Hope Marina.  There are several Isle of Hope liveaboards who are away on business and use the blog to stay in touch (hi Pat and Dan!).  I took my camera to dinner last night to record it for them.

But first, I've mentioned before that a friend of ours described the cruising community as a small town that moves up and down the coast.  So too is the blogosphere a small community.  There was a knock on the boat yesterday and it was Rick from Tourist, a cruising couple whose blog I've been following for over a year.  Their blog is very well done and you can see it by clicking here.

Pam and I are yankees now living in Savannah.  Since we've decided to make this our home, we've been trying to adapt to their weather.  It's been beautiful since we arrived here in February, but as summer approaches it's been getting warmer and warmer, up around 90 degrees everyday.  Along with that comes pop-up thunderstorms.   This guy made a noisy rumbling approach.

And a wet exit.

In doggie news, Livy is still terrorizing Chevy and Ruby.  Sometimes Chevy and Ruby play, sometimes they hide.

Our regular readers might recall that I replaced the Grocco toilet on our boat with an El Cheapo.  An alert reader contacted me and asked for the Grocco and the rebuild kit.  I had to wait until I fetched my truck from the cow barn in upstate New York before I could send it.  I just didn't think it would be right to put it in a marina loaner car even though I cleaned it up as best I could.

I drove to the UPS Store and walked in without it and asked if they boxed and shipped.  The nice young lady said yes.  I went out to the truck and came back with the toilet.

"uh... has that been cleaned?" she asked.


"With bleach?"

"um...  sure."

So the Grocco is on it's way Bart.  The parts are inside the bowl.  Don't worry, I scrubbed it with bleach.  Just ask my wife, Morgan Fairchild.  Yeah, that's the ticket!

I passed Sammy in the truck.  Sammy drives his golf cart 75% of the time and his automobile 24.999% of the time.  This was one of those weird .001% of the time he rides his bicycle.

I decided that I'd try my hand at making out pot luck dinner dish.  I went to my favorite cookbook, Ruby Ann's Down Home Trailer Park Cookbook.   It's self described as Cookin' so good, folks will be turnin' off the wrestlin' channel just to come 'n' get it!  I opted for the trailer park goulash from Jeannie Jansen, Lot #19.

BTW, Ruby Ann Boxcar is on Facebook, and her posts there are as funny as her books, which are available on

Yes, that is grape soda. 

I started on the goulash late, and following the recipe exactly, as I always do, it would not be ready until 5:55.  Dinner is at 6.  Pamela decided to throw me out of the galley to finish it herself and I was relegated to happy hour in the pavilion.  Darn.

The crowd was small because many of the liveaboards were away, but we had a very nice get together with nice transient folks, plus a few regulars.   The food, as always, was fantastic.

My photography school's assignment for this week is a head shot.  I took this very nice photo of Pete, but I don't know if it's good enough for the assignment.  I don't like the clutter in the background, particularly that vertical line behind his head.   Maybe  later today I'll try photoshopping it out and see how it looks.

Above, Pam and Rick of Tourist.  Rick doesn't get in too many photos on his blog because he's the one taking most of the pics, so here you go Rick.

It was time for our after dinner movie, and Tom and Pete wheeled the 42" LCD up from Tom's boat.

I thought we'd try something different.   While we waited for the sun to set low enough so we could see the TV screen to watch the movie, I played a few cartoons from my Looney Tunes DVD set.  

The kids loved it.

The advantage of being an adult is that you can drink wine while watching, which changes the cartoons from funny to hysterical.

The main feature was Pirates of the Caribbean:  the Curse of the Black Pearl.  We all enjoyed it immensely.  Again, probably that wine thing.

Edith enjoyed the puppy more.

And I think the puppy liked Edith too.


  1. Looks like Edith should be a puppy owner!

  2. Weather? That little afternoon shower isn't anything! Check your potential Sub Tropical storm that may apparently be going backwards. If it does well GA could be, the destination.