Tuesday, May 22, 2012

AM Talk Radio

It was another long day of driving yesterday, eight hours from Lexington VA to Savannah.  The driving was easy but I guess I 'm just getting old.  I used to drive for fun, but now it's a chore.

I listened to AM radio all the way yesterday.  Many years ago, when I traveled often, I listened to AM to listen to the really good old country music.  Sadly, today it's mostly talk radio.  I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

First, the Catholic channel. The commentator was talking to a caller about how Obama is "forcing you to pay for contraception for everyone else. And that's only one step away from Obama ordering everyone to take contraceptives." Really?

Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck are OBSESSED with Obama. Hannity is without a doubt the worst commentator I've ever heard. He invited a couple of other pundits to call in and give their views of various topics. He never let the other person finish a point, cutting them off in mid-sentence every single time.  One was a lawyer to successfully represented a few high school students who were required to say the pledge of alligiance in school.  In the discussion of the pledge of alligiance, he asked the other commentator if he stood and did the Pledge at the beginning of baseball games. He said no. Aha said Hannity, and why is that?  Don't you think you should respect the sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform on your behalf?  Well, actually, they don't say the pledge at baseball games, he replied. LOL!!!

It was good to be back at Isle of Hope.  The usual suspects were gathered at the pavilion, including the dogs.  They didn't seem to recognize me at first, but when they did they came dashing down the ramp to greet me.  They were tail and butt wagging happy, but when I told them to go play, they did.  I fetched a victory beer and joined the others.

Pam needed to be picked up at work.  Megan asked if I wanted to.  No.  I'm beat and enjoying my beer, so Megan went.  When Pam arrived, I fetched her a beer too.  No one felt like cooking.  It was pizza for dinner.

So it's back to the routine today.  Of course, with a new puppy and Pam now working, we need to develop a new routine.  I'll have to work on that.


  1. Bring back Reverend Ike, who used to preach on clear channel AM stations "Send me dollars and I'll send you a prayer cloth.... no change please, it makes me nervous in the service!" Yes, the Limbaugh, Beck's and Hannity's are preaching rather successfully to the Wal-Mart Nation. That's why I've become a hermit at Taconic Lake.

  2. Hmmmm politics? Really Dave? And the insults begin!

    1. LOL! Nope, no political talk here. Just make sure you take your pill and say the pledge at baseball games. :)

  3. Wow, we have missed alot not checking on the blog. Congrats, Pam on the job - congrats all of you on the new puppy - congrats, Dave on surviving your road trip despite bad Meatloaf and Hannity. Good to be back semi-relaxing on Broulee.

  4. Whatever happened to the great radio stations? Our favoritive used to be the relaxing sounds of DO-OP.Remember those songs that you could sing along, and try to hit those falsetto high notes but instead you end up sounding like a howling cat that made you giggle. The words made sense with the melody and they just made you feel good to listen.You can't find them on AM or FM. Now it's fear mongering and ill informed personalities creating a sensation. Who listens to that garbage?