Thursday, May 17, 2012

Meet Your New Puppy

Hey, I'm glad you stopped by the blog today.  Yes, I'm addressing you personally.   I've got your new puppy, the one your spouse ordered.  We were lucky.  Olivia was the last one!  What are the chances?

She was living in a crate for the past two months, so we decided to bring her to the boat until you could pick her up.  She's a real sweetheart of a puppy, I have to say.  She's going to make a nice addition to your family.  I mean, just look at her...

Yes, she's looking directly at YOU!   Awwww....   and she's such a snuggle bunny!  We scoop her up whenever she gets into mischief, which is often, chewing on dock lines and such, the little dickens.

She's quite playful too, even for a puppy.

See how cute she is chewing on my folding chair?  What a doll.   And she's so curious!   She was using the dog water bowl as her own little swimming pool, so I moved it out on the aft deck so she can splash away to her adorable little heart's content!

Ruby and Chevy love her too! 

Being a puppy, Olivia has all kinds of energy and is constantly wanting them to play with her.  She jumps on their heads, chews on their tails, and shoves toys in their faces.  Right now, Chevy is sleeping downstairs and Ruby is hiding under the dining room table.

Dave's cruising tip of the week- benedryl is not only good for allergies, but good for puppies.

So anyhow, I've got your new dog.  Just give me a shout, you can pick her up anytime.  Now is good.

Call first though.  I took a benedryl myself so I can get some sleep.  I'm laying here on the aft deck with Ruby and Oliv...


  1. Hmmm your done for now, not only did you name her you have kept her long enough to rename her.

  2. We agree with Sweet Pea, she's found a home with you both. What a sweet puppy. Enjoy, but now you need to bring a playmate for Dirty Gertie. She's definitely getting out numbered!

  3. She makes a great trawler boat dog. Congrats guys. ;)