Monday, May 14, 2012

Miscellaneous Photos

I take a lot of photos.  I've always loved photography, and this blog is a natural place to share them with you as I relate a story.  Many photos, however, never make it to the blog because they don't add to the story I'm telling.  So today's blog will simply be miscellaneous photos that I've taken recently that haven't been posted here.

Pamela returning home after her first day back at work as a vet tech, getting a good sniff-over from Chevy.

Relaxing on the aft deck.

Thompson and Bo sailing their Sunfish.

The Whaler at Wormsloe.  See, it runs sometimes.

Running on the beach.

Sitting on the beach.

Alligator on the beach.

Sailboat on the beach.

Heron and oysters on the beach.

Crab trap on the beach.

Egret on the beach.

Ruby on the bow of the Whaler while getting towed home by Sammy.

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  1. My favs are the crap trap, the heron and mussels and the proud ruby being towed