Thursday, June 21, 2012

Free Stuff!

Free Stuff Section:

Yep, free, or close to it.

First up is a Force 10 propane stove.  Ben and Joe installed a new one and have this perfectly fine older stove.  It just needs a bit of cleaning up.  It's on the dock in a cart next to Drift Away.  Contact me quickly if you want it.  If need be, I'll store it up on my flybridge for you until you can either come and get it, or until I can ship it.  It weighs 80 pounds.

Next up is 24 gallons of diesel fuel in four jugs.  These came from a Brit couple who have been cruising for a few years and are shipping their boat back to the UK.  No sense in paying to ship fuel.   Sure, I could dump it in Drift Away's fuel tanks, but I'd rather find someone who is going cruising and could use them.

Again, I'll store them on my flybridge if you want them but can't get them right away.

Boat Project Section:

Yesterday was Pam's day off.  She decided that we needed to do something constructive and she chose to tackle the forward stateroom, now a storeroom for much of our jun... things.

Yeah, I know exactly what you're thinking.  I don't see a problem here either.

So Pam and I were in the room and I said we needed a plan, some kind of an idea of what we were going to do there.   Pam responded by saying I just needed to get out of her way, which I did.

I'm not sure what Pam did with all the stuff, but as you can see in the photo above, there's a lot more room.  You can actually walk in there to get things.

Rich Guy's Yacht Section:

This is Jonathan III out of the Savannah Yacht Club.

If this is your boat and if you'd like a high resolution copy, contact me and I'll send you my Pay Pal account info.


  1. You better check outside at the free stuff pile, the pile may have grown. LOL

    Bill Kelleher

  2. Dave, I'd like to make a request. You used to get up in the wee hours and post your blog. That meant I could wake up, get my coffee and read your very entertaining blog. However, something has happened. I now drink my coffee staring at the Drift Away blog from yesterday, waiting for my morning entertainment. My coffee just doesn't taste as good when I'm not reading about the animals, crazy boat activities and looking at beautiful pictures. I know, I could just not read it later in the morning and save it until tomorrow but that's just not going to happen. I don't want to sound spoiled............ but could you consider waking up earlier and satisfying your very loyal readers with your wit and charm??? Thanks for taking this under consideration and will look forward to your response.