Sunday, June 10, 2012

Touring River Street in Savannah

The day started with Megan taking the dogs up to the yard to play.  It's impossible to keep track of three dogs, and they know it.  Each dog waits until you're chasing after another before making his or her move.  This time it was Ruby.   She bolted to the water.  Megan warned her not to go swimming, but Ruby only laughed as she trotted down the bank and into the skanky water. 

Ruby is a dog and so lives in the moment.  She never figured a bath would be the result of her swim.  Ruby loves the water but hates a bath.  No, I don't know why.   She's a dog.

I never knew Ruby could twist her head that way.

Ruby hates a bath, but LOVES getting toweled off.  It's a big game to her.  As you're trying to towel her off, she's grabbing the towel to pull it away from you.

Although we now live here, I still feel like a tourist whenever we tour Savannah.  Part of that may be because I tote a camera with me and so look like a tourist.  But taking photographs makes me look at everything a bit differently than I used to.  I people watch more, and take a greater interest in architecture and street scenes than ever.

We drove to downtown and toured Savannah's famous River Street and it's waterfront park.  Here are the pics.

This is the view of the gorgeous sidewalk above River Street, lined with Live Oaks and Spanish Moss.

Savannah still has many brick lined streets.

Hyperion was there.  It's a 155 foot sloop, so big I couldn't get it all in the photo, so here's a link to it.  You can charter Hyperion for $90,000 a week.

There is a free ferry that will take you from one side of the Savannah River to the other.

Restaurants abound in Savannah and many offer balcony dining.

River Street was bustling.

There were all kinds of tourists snapping pics of the artists and street performers.

This beautiful family was celebrating the little guy's graduation from something with ice cream.  Well, all but the girl on the right who apparently needed to talk to someone right away.

The Rebels were raising money for their cheerleading squad...

and were exchanging cheers with this group of girl scouts on the River Queen.

"We are the girl scouts and you are the Rebels.  We sell cookies and you..." something something.  Great fun.

There are many shops and art galleries on the upper levels of these old buildings.   Smoke break.

This was the lead singer of a Christian group.   They were excellent and kept their audience.

River Street is on the river, and the rest of Savannah is up on hills which means you have to climb something to get up there.   We chose this.

I don't know what we were thinking. 

The end.

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