Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pets Pets and More Pets. And a Surprise.

Yesterday was a lazy sort of day.  Actually, I've been having way too many of those lately.  I've been studying other people's photographs online for hours, trying to learn from them to better my own photos.  I took the camera up to happy hour yesterday.  I was glad I did.

Ben came by with Jimmy Chew Choo.

Our dogs with daughter Megan.

It seems they can't sit still for a minute without playing.

Closeup of Olivia.

We stopped to talk to Diane and I got a pic of Tipper, the Queen of the Marina.

Then Paula stopped to visit Ruby.

Back on our boat, Gertie was outside for the first time in awhile.

Then it was time to take boat photos.  Someone is going to google their boat's name and find it here and pay me biiiiig bucks for a high res copy.

Marlene Sea II from Road Harbor, British Virgin Islands.

Graduate is just a regular folk's trawler.  He can have a pic for free.

I saved the best for last.  I got up before dawn this morning.   The sunrise was beautiful.   I climbed up on the flybridge to get a good shot of it.

Pretty, eh?  I thought I'd take a portrait view and zoom to get the boats out of the frame.

And there he was.  See the ripples on the left?

A dolphin getting his breakfast.

I love living on a boat.

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