Saturday, March 31, 2012

the Black Duck R&D Center

I received an email from Kent, our chief researcher at the Black Duck R&D Center in Westport, Connecticut.  It seems as though something has been eating up our profits, even though he says that sales of the traditional Navi-Nut (patent pending) are strong, Navi-Wingnuts are flying off store shelves, and he's really sinking his teeth into the Navi-Almond-Nuts.

Something is eating up the profits.  Kent says Annie, our VP of audit and control (on the left in the pic below) has been sniffing all around the lab, but hasn't come up with anything.

Suzzie (strange spelling, must be African), Annie's assistant (below on the right) is always ready to fetch whatever needs fetching.

Molly, our CEO (pic below), had to tell our staff that they'll need to keep their eyes and ears open for anything squirrelly, which Kent says they're always eager to do.  Molly's winning smile opens many doors for Navi-Nut.

Meanwhile, Kent says someone let the cat out of the bag that we are an equal opportunity employer.

I know Kent is trying to save money, but that is one small cubicle.


  1. Maybe you need to work on the Navi-Nut-Cracker which would help in tricky situations like fixing the Whaler.....

  2. MarkJ--

    What are your ideas for the Navi-Nut Cracker??

    The Navi-Nut "Pat Pending" Team is stonewalled...

  3. The Navi-Nut Comapany is rehiring-- Renamed NYSE-- ROF's Corp... Back to the lab I go...
    Crackers?? I'm sure the Kat in the box will figure Something out...

  4. It's a play on words for safe cracker, finding solutions for only the "most difficult" problems. Now your crack team up north just needs to come up with a "product" you can sell, though we know it won't even begin to be as popular as the amazing Navi-Nut (patent pending).