Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just Another Day in Paradise

Yesterday was a routine day.  There was a wonderful sunrise, as usual. 

I love sunrises, although I have to admit that now that I don't have to get up for work, I miss many of them.

I spent much of the day touching up the message board I'm creating for my old hometown.   I also did the breakfast dishes during a work break. 

Did you ever notice that boat sinks are smaller than regular kitchen sinks, even on a boat the size of Drift Away?  It's 3/4 size.  Do boat manufacturers think our dishes are 3/4 size, and that we eat 3/4 size meals?  Tip for Rick building She:Kon- install a real sink.

Pam went to the store and I finished up my day's work on the message board. It was mid-afternoon and C Dock was stirring.  Before too long, not only were the usual suspects partying, but a group of college kids from the yacht Panache came over.  It was great fun, the ROFs and young whipper snappers, particularly because I could use my tired old jokes on kids too young to have heard them before.

"Do you smoke?" asked a young'un, pointing a pack of cigarettes in my direction.

"Only when I'm on fire", I wittily replied.  I cracked him up.

There's been a distinct increase in northbound ICW traffic, but this one really got our attention.

According to their website, "American Cruise Lines specializes in a unique style of small ship cruising along the inland waterways and rivers of the United States."  A very cool way to cruise without having to buy your own boat.

Pam and I quietly left the party to eat dinner, leaving Ruby and Chevy behind.  They were enjoying the partiers, and the partiers were enjoying them.  I had made Talapia marinated in an orange/lime sauce accompanied by mango salsa for dinner.  It was gooo-ooo-oood.   While clearing the table, we noticed our confused dogs.  They didn't know if they were supposed to be at the party or on the boat, so they laid down half way between.

They're such good dogs.


  1. Thanks for the tip Dave. That's been an ongoing joke with us. There's no room to install a double sink at home so I told Lori I had to build her a boat to get her a double sink! :-) Unfortunately it's only 3/4 sized as well! I don't think we'll have room for a washer and drier either! ;-(


    We've seen some of those tour boats up here on the St. Lawrence river. They're definitely unique.

    Carry on enjoying life!

    Rick & Lori

  2. Loved this post, you two...I laughed outloud! We're getting ready to head back to Annapolis to do some work before taking the boat to Newport. It's great to see all is well with you both!

    Cheers -
    Chris (in Madrid)

  3. You always make us laugh - I agree about the sink -what the hell. As usual the dog pics make me smile - what a good job you have done with those two. Look out, we are headed your way soon.

  4. Sorry, Operator error - can't believe I have to type two crazily spelled words to post to a blog - is it iseielt or iseleit? or lserit, anyway, I see it got posted.

    1. LOL! I hate those things too. I looked around blogspot's settings and I don't see any way to get rid of them.

      They're supposed to prevent spam. Heck, I like spam. I feel popular getting all those offers of cheap viagra and millions in my bank account.

  5. They do seem like great dogs.
    I was hoping to run past you guys soon, but the house sale is a real deal. So... off to go undo 20 years worth of stuff.
    Won't be heading north till mid May.
    Maybe cross paths in the Chesapeake.

    1. We'll be hanging out in the Chesapeake all summer. Where, I don't know yet, but someplace up there.

  6. I love granite countertops....with and undermounted sink. And once you have a beautiful countertop like that you should keep clutter off of it and keep it clean!