Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tybee Island, Georgia in Pictures

A few blogs ago, Dave asked for advice on blog topics.  We got many great suggestions, including a suggestion to visit Tybee Island from the folks aboard Summer Wind.  So today, we did exactly that, along with Bill and Patty who are also spending time here at Isle of Hope Marina aboard their Pearson 40 sailboat.

Dave brought the good camera to take pics that we might be able to use on Pam's Beach Bum Bling website.  You'll see some photos of wavy sand that would make good background images if faded out, and a few photos of young folks on the beach since I think they might be Pam's biggest customers.  And, of course, photos of birds, including a pelican who had just folded his wings and was about to plummet for his lunch, and a few other things of interest. 

When we first got there, I made a beeline to the waters edge. I love the sound of crashing waves and walking along the edge letting the water wash over my feet....and yes! It was cold! I'm always amazed at how hard the sand is near the water...its completely squishy where it's dry, but the closer you get to the water it gets firm like concrete, until you dig in it, then it melts away from your hands.

After walking the beach in search of sea glass, of which I found none, just a few interesting shells, we went for a short walk down a side street in search of lunch. We found a great little pub called Bernies. I love steamed shrimp so ordered that while our friends had pulled pork barbecue and a BLT. David decided to order a bucket of oysters. Yep, a bucket. First of all, he had no idea how to even shuck an oyster and then they plunked down a bucket that had to have about three dozen fresh, raw oysters! He managed to eat about half of them, I did help with a few. YUM!

We then decided to go find the Tybee lighthouse. Since we have a Garmin, we found it with no problem. Ok, we found it with a slight round about, long way, since Garmin apparently got confused and took us a block away from the lighthouse before she figured out her mistake.

We only had about forty minutes before we needed to return the loaner car. Tybee lighthouse has not just a lighthouse, but it's a whole museum with out buildings and gift shop. We could've easily spent much more than an hour, but we had to whisk ourselves through and get back to the marina. I have a huge fear of heights, but I am proud to say, I went to the top and even walked out on the walk around balcony. My legs are yelling at me today, though. 178 steps up and then 178 steps down, uggh!

We then scampered back to the car and zipped back to the marina only thirty minutes late to return the car. Thank goodness they are still off season here and things are slow. It was ok that we were late getting the car back.



  1. There are some great beaches in Georgia. If you get the chance visit Cumberland Island and Jekyll Island. Great history and wonderful photo opportunities. Of course, they are further south than where you are now so put them on your to do list for the next trip south. You won't be dissapointed.