Friday, March 16, 2012

My Dog Chases Birds

Sorry, couldn't resist. That pic came from this one...

and this one...

I guess sitting in one place too long makes one a little batty.  And we have another couple of weeks to stay here in Savannah before we leave on the Great Migration north.

The dogs are also getting a little nuts, I think.  They get off the boat three times a day.  The morning and evening are potty breaks, but the one in the middle is so they can play up in the fenced in boat storage yard.  Here, they're off leash and free.

The first thing they do is a squirrel check.

And then they graze like cattle.

I found that very boring, so I chased a mockingbird around for a bit...

And then saw this beautiful 1940 Buick pass by. 

I need to get my '56 Thunderbird out of storage somehow.  Where I'd bring it, I don't know since we don't stay in one place that long.

Pit Bulls are part of the bully breed of dogs, which includes Boxers.  Boxers are so named because they love to box each other.  Pit Bulls love to wrestle.  Maybe they should be called Wrestlers instead of Pit Bulls.

It was hot in the Georgia sunshine, and soon the dogs needed to rest.

But that didn't last for long, and they were soon at it again.

I'd throw a tennis ball and it was a mad dash to see who could get it first.  Whomever had it would taunt the other with it, shoving it in the other's face.   Soon a tug of war ensued.

Eventually, even Pit Bulls get tired, and it was time to put them back on leash and walk them back to the boat.  They always insist on stopping at the pavillion along the way.  Guess what they do?

They start by just mosying about, but then one dog will antagonize the other.  In this case it was Chevy who was the culprit.  Unfortunately for Chevy, even though she's smaller, Ruby is the better wrestler having been brought up wresting 130 pound Italian Corsos at the Norwalk dog park.

In no time, Ruby has Chevy on his back and will literally mop up the floor with him.

Soon, they tired of wrestling and then it was looking for birds and people..  It's all fun and games for Ruby and Chevy, the liveaboard dogs. 

Today will probably be a repeat of yesterday.   Maybe I'll figure out how to take a movie with the new camera and will see about posting a video.  The snarling and growling that Ruby and Chevy make while wrestling is hysterical.  If you didn't know the dogs, you'd think they were tearing each other apart.

Maybe that's why Pit Bulls have such a bad reputation as being vicious.  It's from people passing by watching them play.


  1. Ruby needs a "Superman" cape in that first picture! :-)

  2. Always love your blog and pics of the dogs. Back home, Izzy's sister lives next door. They have a different relationship than what Izzy has with other dogs - the two of them act just like Chevy and Ruby. Izzy knocked out her sisters tooth in a tussle once. I think it's a sibling thing. Hey, your missing the cherry blossoms.

  3. The Navi Nut team will be meeting at the lab tonight and discuss using Photoshop-- The whole team needs to learn how to use it... Great Pictures!!

    One team member has suggested a new style of Navi Nut-- That will be discussed to at the meeting in the lab tonight...

    I'll Email a picture of one of our team members-- Maybe you can post it in your next Blog...