Sunday, March 4, 2012

No, Really. This is Life on Drift Away.

Chevy cut one of his paws on an oyster shell a couple of weeks ago, which stopped our cruise south as we get him taken care of at the vet's.  Because Chevy and Ruby love to run, swim, and play on beaches, Pam decided to order some dog booties.  She thought she'd try one set for Chevy first, and if they worked out OK, order another for Ruby.  How we would ever get them on Ruby, I don't know.  She's very skittish and refuses to wear doggie clothing of any kind.  It's not only her.  If Chevy comes home from the vet wearing anything, even a scarf, she'll rip it off him in minutes.  And if she suspects any clothing (or pills) coming her way, she dives under the dining table and curls in in the corner.

Chevy, on the other hand, will let Pam do anything to him.

He even seems happy to have the doggie booties on, here looking at Pam for approval.   I've heard that rescued dogs, like Chevy, are eagar to please their owners.  If Chevy is any gauge, I'd say it's true.

Pam then put the hind shoes on to see how he 'd do.  He didn't do very well at first, lifting each paw high in the air as he trotted around the saloon, sort of like a Lipizzaner Stallion.

But he quickly adjusted to them and now can even run in them.  The quality of the booties is good and they stay on, as advertised.  If any of you dog owners are interested in them, they're called "Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots" available at

Yesterday was a stay inside day.  We got the dogs off the boat in the morning, but the heavens opened up in the afternoon.  It poured.

Despite the warnings of strong thunderstorms, there were boats on the move on the ICW.  We're seeing boats moving in both directions now.  This one, named "Solitude", was heading south.

The ICW is well protected, and with modern electronics, he would have no problems getting where he was going.  I heard tornado warning sirens going off several times yesterday afternoon though.  The south was hit pretty hard by tornadoes, and over 30 people were killed by tornadoes, including one in Georgia.

So what did we do all day yesterday, stuck in a boat on a rainy day?  Well, I wrote the draft of this blog while watching pelicans dive bombing for fish all afternoon out the saloon windows.  Pamela drilled sea glass for her jewelry making.

These are the pieces she drilled for making jewelry later. 

She's got quite a talent for it and has an artist's eye for what looks good.   I'll take photos of the finished pieces when she makes them.  

I decided to find a host site for, her soon to be website to sell her stuff.  It's a work in progress, and I hope to have something up soon.  If it keeps raining, maybe real soon.

Many of you are saying "That's all well and good, Dave, but quite honestly, what we'd really rather want to know is what your dogs and cat do on a rainy day.".   Well, I'm glad you asked.  This.

Yup, that's it.  No help at all.  They just sponge off the system.

In the evening, Pam and I put in a movie from the $5 DVD bin at the Walmarts.  We selected one at random.  "Cats and Dogs", a lame family movie.  Chevy loved it.  Seriously.  While Gertie and Ruby kept on a snoozin',  Chevy watched it with rapt attention.  The whole movie.

Seriously, I'm not exagerating here.  Whenever a dog or a person was on the screen, Chevy would sit up and smile.  Whenever there was a cat, he stopped, sometimes even laying down.  No really, I'm not making this up.

Sure, I sometimes pull your chain on this blog, but not this time. 

See for yourself.  He did this the whole movie.  He watched the movie with fascination, smiling at the dogs (especially) and the people, but when the focus was on the cats, Chevy would lay down and close his eyes.  No, really!

See, that's one reason why I take so many photos.  Otherwise, you guys would think I just imagine this stuff.  This is life on Drift Away.


  1. It was nice to get the tornado report Dave and know our son wasn't blown into the next state. He won't be out of bed till noon.

    Boots are the last step. You are officially a dog nut.

    1. LOL! Dog nuts! A nice addition to our Navi-Nut line!

      We didn't have much wind at all, Tom. I'm sure your son is OK.

  2. Did you leave the boots on Chevy long enough to see if Ruby would leave them alone ?

    Bill Kelleher

    1. Hey Bill, yeah, Ruby tried to rip them off several times, but we kept yelling at her. We only put one on to cover his wounded paw. Now she only goes for the booty when they wrestle. I think it's instinct. Dogs go for the weakest part of their opponent. I hope I never break a bone and have a cast.

  3. I noticed you didn't use "Patent Pending" this time on the Navi-nuts. Did ya get it? LOL! Also, I knew I liked Chevy! Down with cats! Have some FUUUN today!

  4. Chevy is just tooo funny :). Also love the name of Pam's website. I use bought beads for my stuff. Can't wait to see finished items.

  5. I think I recognize a few of those pieces of glass. I can't wait to see what she does with them!

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