Friday, March 9, 2012

Where Is Today's Blog?

Pamela wrote yesterday's blog and the day's  before that.  I asked her what she was going to write about next and she said she thought she'd write about why cruising women often want to keep a home to return to.  I thought that sounded like an excellent topic and I looked forward to reading it this morning.  When I logged on, it wasn't there.   Pam was enjoying the warm Georgia morning on the aft deck.

"Did you write today's blog?" I asked.


"How come?"

"I didn't want to."

Pam is definitely in cruising mode.  So now I'm scrambling to put something up before the emails start coming in.   So don't expect much.

I spent a good part of yesterday morning dragging funny lures past fish.  They seem to enjoy it. 

Our friends Andy and Betty, and Hal and Jo drove up from St. Simon's Island where they spend the winter playing golf and enjoying not shoveling snow.  It's always good to see old friends, especially when they buy you lunch.  Thanks guys!

In the afternoon, I was entertaining the fish  again when this red breasted male merganzer paddled by.  He's very handsome.  I particularly like his bright red eyes.  Make sure you click on this pic to enlarge it.

After dinner, Pam and I retired to the flybridge with C Dockmates Gene and Tom to enjoy the nice Georgia weather and beautiful rising full moon.

Here's a closer view, taken without a tripod so it's a little blurry, but not  bad.

This morning Pam made a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast.  I'm going to shamelessly plug two products- Smokey Mountain Frog Jam and Bayou Cafe' Hot Sauce.   The Frog Jam isn't really made with frogs, I found out.  It's made with Figs, Raspberries, Orange, and Ginger.    Get it?  F-R-O-G.  It's really good.   Their website is

There is a place on River Street in Savannah named the Bayou Cafe' and Blues Bar.   We ate lunch there a couple of weeks ago.  They make their own hot sauce.  Being a hot sauce fan, I bought a  bottle. It's awesome!   

However, I do not recommend eating a bit of jelly toast and then a bite of scrambled eggs covered in hot sauce.  It's just a weird tasting combination.

Since I'm writing this now at 11 AM and half the day is shot, I'll fill you in on the exciting news.  We took the dogs off the boat this morning to do their business and I noticed that we were just past high tide and had slack current, and no wind.   With the help of Gene and Bill, we rotated Drift Away and are now docked port side to.  This means that we can launch the Whaler today to see if it starts.  Check in tomorrow and I'll have a full report.


  1. Ohhhhhhhh to be in cruising mode too! *sigh*

  2. I wonder if Dave will be back tomorrow after launching the Whaler today......

  3. ok Pam I am a waiting your take on that one. We still own a land based home but are considering selling it this spring. We have been boat based for the last 18 months.

  4. I hope the Whaler launch went well-- If it did go well now you have to teach the Doggies how to get on and off it so you can go anchor out "I'm Sure You Know That"... I'm sure they'll pickup on it once they know that they can do there business after taking a short ride in the Whaler to whatever shore is available...

    Now onto more important subjects "Not To Say The Doggies" Aren't important...

    The Navi Nut "Pat Pending" Team has been working long tireless hours at the Lab-- Good thing the Lab serves good food...

    I have many samples to send you for the new product design in the Navi Nut line of products...

    I'll Get the samples in the mail tomorrow-- I hope they meet your expeditions...

  5. Thought I was the only one that put hot sauce on scrambled eggs. More people should try it..I like it . :o )