Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Bronze Star

First, some exciting news.  We went to lunch with Bill and Patty, and Gene and his son Chris.   Chris is an Army Ranger stationed here in Savannah and has served several tours of duty in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  During the meal, Gene announced that Chris was recently awarded a bronze star, which is the fourth highest combat award, given for heroic or meritorious service.   Congratulations Chris, and thank you for your service.  Congratulations to you too Gene for raising him. 

Chris just deployed to Afghanistan for yet another tour.  Stay safe, Chris.

Back to Drift Away.  Pam and I made a run to the Super Walmarts where we picked up bread, milk, eggs, and Velcro.  All in one stop.  What a great country, eh?  I bought 3/4" wide Velcro and cut it in half lengthwise to give me the 3/8" wide I needed to put around the window track.  A tedious process, but necessary.'

I made the classic guy mistake of not reading the box before buying the Velcro.  It's white, not clear like what I bought at Lowes, but since it will be behind a black screen it will look gray anyway, so no big deal.

I redid the crappy screen I made for the port side window yesterday and this time it came out OK, like the starboard side.  I then did the last helm station door.  Here is a close-up of the magnet and the tacks that hold the lower corners of the screen.

By the way, you know how the rotation of the earth causes all your paperclips to get snarled and tangled together in that little bowl on your desk?  The same is true of Velcro, which was in a nice neat roll when I pulled it out of its box.

The engineers at the Velcro corporation had the brilliant idea of putting the hook and loop halves together on the same piece of paper.  The result is this wad.

The dogs and cat were a bit confused by the screens at first.  They could see the other side, but didn't know how to get there.

They soon figured it out and were pushing the screen aside to pass through the doors.  The magnets work great when the critters come in, swinging out and back and reattaching themselves to the thumbtacks, but not so good when the animals go out.  The screen hangs up on the door sill.   But it kinda works.  Chevy liked the screens so much that he was dashing in and out, in and out, in and out, in and KNOCK IT OFF!!!  Stupid dog.

Even so it was time for a Victory Beer!

And a romp in the pavilion.  For some reason, I left their leashes on and it became a Lumberjack Strap Match.

Chevy didn't quite get it. Ruby grabbed Chevy's leash and was dragging him around.  Chevy retaliated by also grabbing Chevy's leash and dragging Chevy around.

The C Dock party is becoming a daily event now with the nice weather.  In the pic below, notice who is poking his head inside Bill and Patty's sailboat.

Chevy knows that this is where Bill gets the cookies.

Later, we retired inside to watch old movies.  When I say "we", I mean Pam, me, and Chevy.  If there are animals on TV, except for cats, Chevy watches.  On the TV in the pic below, a dog is digging under a fence.

Chevy cracks me up.

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