Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How Do I Put This Delicately?

We're full of crap.  So, you're thinking to yourself?  We've all known that for quite awhile.

No, not that.  Our holding tank is full. 

The marina can pump out docked boats within a certain distance of the pump-out system and we were just out of range.  No problem, they said.  They needed to pack the boats in anyway because of the Great Migration North about to begin, so they moved a few of us down towards the main dock, which created more space for more transients and also put us in range of the pumpout.

It was not to be, however.  As hard as their pump worked, it would not pump us out.  They got the boats around us OK, but not us.  Maybe it's because we're higher than those around us, I don't know.  But now we have a problem.  This is what it looks like.

You can see Drift Away on the left.  It's a tight squeeze through there, and if you don't  time it right, there can be considerable current going through the marina.  We don't have bow or stern thrusters to help things either.  I'll check with the marina today to see what they want to do.

Perhaps to compensate for us being full of crap, Pamela added this.

In a more interesting note, the C Dock ROFs were standing around during happy three hours when we saw a trawler heading into the marina.  It looked familiar.   It was a sister ship to Drift Away.  The ROFs helped dock it and I introduced myself to the captain.  It was Ron, a fella I had been exchanging emails with for the past few months about Drift Away and Cheoy Lee 46 LRCs.  He bought it and was bringing it from the Chesapeake down to Florida.  He just happened to stop at Isle of Hope Marina.

It was fun going on each other's boats and seeing the differences between them and what previous owners had done.  That may be a topic for a future blog.

In Whaler news, the carburetor is off the Evinrude and being cleaned in the marina's special machine.  It should be back on the boat today.  We'll see if it runs. 

Today should be an interesting day.


  1. I'm surprised the collective intelligence of all those ROFs couldn't figure out how to empty your holding tank! I may just be loosing faith in them! *wink*

  2. The Navi Nut team will be on sabbatical in till you start cruising again-- No need for new improved Navi Nuts while you're sitting at Isle Of Hope... I will send you a picture Via Email of the team enjoying them self's on there sabbatical...

    I will still visit the Lab now and again and maybe come up with something for the ROF Club...

    Good luck with the holding tank-- Maybe you could try a Pumpout Boat if there's one around...

  3. This may be the dogs BIG DAY to go over 8 knots! Wonder how they'll react? Maybe they can nab a dolphin or two! (What's that smell???)

  4. Take the vent hose off of the thru hull fitting and check to see if it is plugged.

    I filled my tank to full one time and that is where it plugged up.

    Bill Kelleher

    1. Hey Bill,

      Drift Away got pumped out today, at the dock. They did it at high tide and that, for some reason, did the trick. I'm no longer full of crap. Not until tomorrow. Wait until you catch that blog. LOL!

  5. Bill--

    What was your vent clogged with?? I hope just TP...

  6. Well mostly TP, but you know what else is in those tanks.LOL

    You will have to forgive me as I was a plumber/pipefitter so those things don't bother me.

    Bill Kelleher