Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Different Kind of Cruising

Cruising is a mind set, not just an activity.  I think that the brains of people who cruise are wired a little differently than most, perhaps, but certainly there are plenty of people cruising.  They do it on sailboats, powerboats, bicycles, airplanes, RVs, and sometimes something completely different.  These people came from all over the country (one even from England) to descend on Savannah for a week of cruising, trailering their Model Ts behind them.

Patty called from the marina office to let me know they were parked in the marina parking lot and all along Bluff Drive.   Somehow, she got the word that I love antique and classic cars.  Thanks Patty!

You can view the photos in a larger format by clicking on one of them, and then scrolling to each.

Instead of a temperature gauge inside the car, the Model T (and most cars of that era) had a thermometer in the cap.   Here's a close-up.

This fella was a real motor head.  He was checking out the antique six cylinder engine that powered the old marine railway.

The Model T Ford Club International was in Savannah to celebrate the 100th year in business of a local Ford Dealer, J.C. Lewis.

This yellow roadster was not a standard Ford offering.  It was custom made by its present owner.

The pic below shows the parking brake.  The Model T's braking system was an asbestos band on the transmission that grabbed the drive shaft.

The Crabettes were playing and kids were dancing in the streets.

The Model Ts had arrived at Isle of Hope after visiting Wormsloe and it was now time to cruise to their next stop, a low country boil at the Conch House.

Pam and Chevy.  Pam was watching the cars. 

Chevy was checking out the cute grayhound.

Most of these Model Ts had oak wooden wheels.  Aren't they beautiful?

Here's the same photo as above, but cropped in tight so you can get a better look.

Sometimes wooden wheels would squeak with age.  An old trick to fix it, at least for awhile, was to drive your car into a shallow creek.  The wood would soak up water and the wood would swell, stopping the squeaking.

Notice the Metropolitan in the background?

The club is here in Savannah for a few days, and then they'll cruise up to Beaufort.  Just like us, only we'll be in a boat.


  1. Whats going on with the whaler?

    1. Still waiting for the mechanic to come back with the carburetor. It's only been three or four weeks. Can't rush these things.

  2. That was fun with a morning cup of coffee in Maine. There's a lot of energy around those cars, and the weather just feels good to look at.