Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's a Dog's Life

I've blogged ad nauseum about life aboard Drift Away and about our boat critters.  When we're not moving, and with Pamela away for the week, my life is revolving around the dogs, Ruby and Chevy, and Dirty Gertie the cat.  They never cease to amuse me and are a constant source of entertainment to me and the folks on C Dock.

The new screens have become a new toy for them.

The more astute of you may have noticed that the big heavy magnet that anchored the bottom corner of the screen is missing.  No, I don't know where it is.  I've looked everywhere.

While writing yesterday's blog, I was interrupted by Ruby and Chevy barking their fool heads off.  There was a diver that had come out of the water.  Of course, Ruby and Chevy have seen divers before, but they don't understand them.

To keep the peace on C Dock, I took the dogs up in the yard to play.  On the way back from playing there, they always insist on playing in the marina's pavilion.

Pit Bulls play by boxing and wrestling.  They're very good at it.  Although Ruby is smaller, she has more experience and so can pretty much whoop Chevy's behind at will.  He is getting better though, and in this pic above you can actually see him trying to get leverage on Ruby (the dark brown dog).

Just when I thought I understood my dogs, they do something that baffles me.  There are pigeons nesting under the floor of the pavilion, which is on pillars above the water.  Chevy and Ruby found them somehow, I guess through the cracks in the floor boards.   This is Chevy's response to finding them.  No, I don't know why he's doing this.

He did this for over a half an hour before I grabbed his collar and dragged him out of there.

The dogs love Isle of Hope Marina, and the staff seem to enjoy the dogs.  It's hard not to like Ruby and Chevy because they're such friendly, outgoing dogs.

Bill noticed what Gene calls a "pterodactyl".  I grabbed my camera.  Pretty bird.

And away it went.

Back on C Dock, Ruby started to mope about, missing Pam.

That's pretty much how I feel too, although I can talk to Pam on the phone.  Pam called later and I put the phone up to Ruby's ear.  She listened for a few seconds and then ran and hid under the dinette table.  No, I don't know why.

Gertie, like all cats, doesn't really give a hoot about people as long as someone fills her food bowl.

Cats belong to places, not people.  Dogs belong to people, not places.

Five more days and momma will be home.  That's 35 dog days.


  1. $10 says a dog ate the magnet. Keep an eye on their "output."

    Our lab/shepherd/chow mix ate four magnets and they damn near killed her. The vet told us she was within 24 hrs of an intestinal perforation and subsequent death. The magnets working their way through her system got on different sides of an intestinal fold and stuck together pinching the intestine walls between them. The subsequent dying intestinal wall messed her up in a bad way.

    cha-ching another $1,000 vet bill for our "free" dog.

    So, keep an eye on them.

  2. Our dogs love hunting pigeons that nest or perch under the docks down in the harbor, and it's addictive and they know where to look. All dogs love the reward, the flush. Isn't that a Great Blue Heron Dave? They "graaack" like something out of the Jurasic age.

  3. Great shot of the ahem pteradactyl? (Great Blue Heron),,, Excellent shot of poor Ruby missing momma! Pam will have to spend a few extra moments with such a pretty girl. Aren't dogs amazing, you can clearly see her wondering where is Pam?