Saturday, November 3, 2012

Always Always Always Always Always Bring Your Camera

Always Always Always Always Always Bring Your Camera.  I've said it here many times.  Do I take my own advice?  Noooooo.

The day started out sad.  Our old friends Rod and Patti left, headed to the Panama Canal and California.  But it ended on a high note as it was Brunswick's "First Night" monthly celebration.  A bunch of us from the marina went downtown to listen to the live music, browse the shops, and drink beer.  It made me feel like I was in college again, except everyone had grey hair.  Or no hair.  I was going to bring my camera, but since I'd already done that at last month's First Friday, what would I photograph?  Why lug it around?  I left it behind.

We wandered down by the library, and some group built a giant monster, complete with flashing lights and rumbling thunder.  Did I have my camera to take a pic to share with you?  Noooo.  But it was very cool.

So there we was, down by Tipsy McSway's, listening to the rock band Backbeat Boulevard, when they stopped for a break.  Darn.  Then the Middle East music started with its driving percussion.  And there she was.  A beautiful young lady.  Belly Dancing.  Her hips popped left and right in rhythm to the music.  All the men stopped what they were doing to watch.   Did I have my camera to show you the pics?  Noooooo.

This is the best I can do.  Here is Leah Flander's belly dancer Facebook page,  and here is the band Backbeat Boulevard.

Today is a car show in Darien.  Although a different kind of cruising, I'm bringing my camera.  I promise.


  1. I am SO disappointed Dave! First your dog ate your homework. Now you forgot your homework at home. Next thing you'll be saying Drift Away is going to the Bahamas. I'm so confused!!!

  2. You need an iPhone, then you'll always have a camera. I'm dumping my BlackBerry in favor of the iPhone in December when my Verizon contract is up for renewal.