Monday, November 19, 2012

Baked Potatoes

Yeah yeah yeah.  I know.  You're thinking "Really Dave?  You're writing about cooking potatoes?  Shouldn't you be writing about all the painting you did today?"

All I have to say about that is... uh...

I noticed this tree in the marsh across from the boat was full of storks.  I took this pic.

This is zoomed all the way in at 300 mm.

This is the same photo cropped.  It looks like both mature and immature storks.  But look at the bird (I think it's a bird) on the bottom left.  It has a fat head.  Could it be an owl?

Pamela is a wonderful cook.  I am not.  I can get by if I have a cookbook and follow the instructions carefully, but that's about it.

Yesterday, I decided to get a head start on dinner while waiting for Pam to get home from work.  But what to make?  I found a package of some kind of meat called briskets in the fridge.  I can microwave that.  What goes with whatever a brisket is?   I stood in the galley looking around and saw potatoes sitting on the counter.  I could make baked potatoes.  Potatoes go with anything.  I had googled how to make baked potatoes a few days earlier and it seemed pretty easy.  But bland.

Pam makes twice baked potatoes.  I love those.  I could google how to do that, but I had an idea.  I decided to do something different.

I cut a slice out of each potato and packed in diced onions.  Eat the slice cut out.  Raw potato is good.

Roll the potato in vegetable oil with Mrs. Dash's mixed in.  Pack some Mrs. Dash's and oil in with the onion.

Place the potatoes right on your oven rack.  These will drip oil so you might want to put foil underneath.

Finished.  Potatoes, briskets, and brussel sprouts.  

The dogs got a piece of brisket each.  Chevy was begging for brussel sprouts as well, so Pam gave him one.

If Chevy got one, Olivia had to have one.

Did she like it?  Yep.

I've also made these potatoes with garlic instead of onion.  I may try adding cheese as well.  When you don't know how to cook, cooking can be fun.  

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