Sunday, November 18, 2012

What's That? Ewwww!

Pam had to wo-wo-wo-work yesterday.  I dropped her off and took the truck to a doctor's appointment, and after lunch took the dogs to the beach.  High tide was at 10:34, and if you get to the beach two hours after, there's plenty of beach for the dogs to play on.


I took this pic coming down the Sydney Lanier Bridge.  All that water is covering the marshes.  It's 12:30.  What the heck?

I knew I was in trouble when I had to wade down the path to the beach.  The dogs barely had room to... what is Chevy digging up?

Nope, no beach down there...

so I played around taking pics.

What is that?  Why is Olivia rolling on it?  Is that a lawnchair buried in the sand?

Whatever it was, Chevy wanted to dig it up.

Back to taking pics.

Chevy had it mostly dug up.  Man, does that stink!  Fish?

And then I saw the paw print.  That's a halo over it.  A doggie body bag.  I guess beach erosion uncovered the sand over it so the dogs could smell it.  What to do now?  Nothing.  I didn't have a shovel to rebury it.

Going up the Sydney Lanier Bridge on our way back to Brunswick.  It has 185 feet of clearance so ships can get under it.  It makes for a steep grade.  Thankfully, no worries about ice and snow here.

Back at the boat, I looked up the phone number for the Jekyll Island Authority so they can deal with the body bag, but the office is closed on weekends.  The poor doggie will have to sit there until I can call tomorrow.  Stay.  Good boy.

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