Friday, November 2, 2012

The Grand Exodus Has Begun

Many boats are leaving Brunswick Landing Marina.   Two left dock 13 today, and three are leaving tomorrow.  Most of the folks who spent the hurricane season here are heading for the Keys or Bahamas.  This makes room for the northern snowbirds who will winter here, according to BLM's dockmaster Sherri.

I did little chores around the boat like gluing the treads back on the dock steps, picking up doggie doo doo on the foredeck, cleaning up dog vomit on the aft deck, stuff like that.  Our lives seem to orbit around our dogs.

Later in the afternoon, Pam and I took the dogs to Jekyll's Great Dunes Beach.  This beach is different than the driftwood beach.  It has cool dunes and grass, and a chance to photograph in a different way.

And photograph in the old way.  Just struttin' it's stuff.

Looks like someone shook the seagull snow globe.

Olivia, the bird dog, was in dog heaven.  Which one to chase?   

Pam bent down to pick this up to see what it was, then dropped it and screamed like a little girl.  She thought it was a snake skeleton.  I thought it was a giant DNA molecule.  Don't know what it is.

It's fun to break photography rules and shoot right into the bright sunlight to get silhouettes.   I've never cared much for rules.

A little boy's sand castles.

I love this grass and how the sun shines through it.

Here's a close up for you.
Today is also a sad day.  Rod and Patti have fired up the engine on Second Chance and are about to cast off, heading for the Panama Canal and California.  Very sad because, unlike all the east coast cruisers, I don't know if we'll see them again.  Safe travels, Rod and Patti...


  1. If I am not mistaken, the "snake skeleton" is the egg case from a whelk or some similar snail-like mollusk.

    Have not been down to see how the Research Facility weathered the storm but given that for years, the Black Duck has always appeared to be one storm from sliding in, one would think that it might have taken some damage.

    Jim M.

  2. Jim M. is correct - the snaky looking thing is a Whelk egg case. We see them often in coastal North Carolina. Google Whelk egg case.

    Betsy Johnson
    Rick 'n Roll