Thursday, November 1, 2012

Merry Halloween!

Yesterday was Halloween.  Pam decided it would be fun to decorate the pavilion at the head of our dock.  One thing led to another and suddenly Pam was organizing a pavilion decorating contest and chili cook off for the whole Brunswick Landing Marina.  Here's the pics.

Pam and I drove to the Dollar General to pick up some decorations.  They were almost out.  While pondering what to do, I noticed they were selling Christmas decorations the next aisle over.  You all know my brain isn't wired right.   I blurted out "Let's do a Halloween Christmas.  That would be scary."   Pam's face lit up.   "Yes!  Let's do it!"

Me hollowing out three pumpkins.

My scary pumpkin snowman.

It's hard to see, but if you look closely, Santa has a skull in his right hand.

Scary pumpkin man at night.

Our boat Christmas tree, decorated with hanging skulls and skull garland.

Some guys just never grow up, eh?   :)

MC Pam announcing the winners of the voting for best pavilions and best chili.

Dock six won best pavilion, and our dock 13 came in second.  Dock 8 was third.  Dock six's chili came in second.

The winner!   Bob of dock 13 with his Georgia shrimp chili!   It was delicious.  

The prizes were all silly.  First prize was clapping hands.

My "man chili" came in third.  My prize was a whoopi cushion.  Pam said I don't need one.

The book exchange.

Back at the boat, Pam put my rastafarian hat on Ruby.

Ruby doesn't think it's dignified for a pitbull to be treated like this.

Most of the folks here at the marina will be heading out starting tomorrow for points south.  Drift Away, along with a handful of others, will be spending the winter here.  We'll miss you guys.

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