Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pitbulls are Great Boat Dogs

A hundred years ago, pitbulls were the country's favorite breed of dog.  Families got them to watch over and protect their children, and called them nanny dogs.  Pitbulls, by nature, love and protect humans.

We took the dogs to the beach yesterday, and Pam was getting playful and swinging on a driftwood branch. See Ruby in the pic below?  She's the dark brown dog on the left.

Ruby is concerned.   What the heck is momma doing?   She's flipped.

Ruby looks at me with a WTF DO SOMETHING look.

OK, if you won't get momma down, I will.

And she did.

Ruby did her job and trotted off, and Pam climbed back up the branch.  This time on top.

Just out of reach of Chevy.

I know what you're thinking.  "Dave, uh... pitbulls as boat dogs is dumb."  Well, I guess so, in many ways.  Certainly people cross the street when they see us coming because pitbulls are kinda intimidating lookin'.   On the plus side, who needs guns on board when you have pitbulls?

But here on dock 13 everyone is in love with these guys.   Anyone who knows these two dogs loves them.  Ruby and Chevy bark hello when they see someone they know, tails and butts wagging like crazy.  We can even mention any of their favorite people and they go nuts, as in "Hey, there's Uncle Sammy!"   They respond by barking their heads off and running all over the boat looking for our Isle of Hope friend Sammy Moore.

Chevy and Ruby have made it a point to board Hunky Dory whenever EJ or Catherine are sitting on their aft deck.   The other day, Chevy even invited himself inside.  I didn't realize it until I saw him running around on the foredeck.  I suppose maybe our pitbulls are a little too friendly at times.

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