Sunday, October 21, 2012

Classic Coastal Cruisers

HAH!  Gotcha.  You thought I was referring to boaters in the subject line.  Classic Coastal Cruisers is actually a car club here in Georgia.

Years ago, as I mentioned in a previous blog, I received a letter from a friend who was in American Samoa, living on his sailboat with his wife and son.  He discussed cruising.   He thought it was more of a mindset than a mode of travel.  He said he thought a true cruiser would be just as happy doing it in an RV, or at the end of  his thumb.  How about a classic car?

The car club I'm hoping to join is Classic Coastal Cruisers.  They seem like an amiable bunch.  There was a car show in Fernandina Beach, Florida that they were going to attend.  They were meeting up at exit 28 at 5:30 AM.  Pam and I decided to be fashionably late.  We arrived at 9 AM and were one of the last to get there.  We were number 223, and the last car was number 248.

Most of the action was on the main drag, Centre Street.  Since we got there so late, we were relegated to 5th Street, one of the side streets.

1967 Dodge Coronet R/T 440 cid.  My buddy Speedy just bought one of these in AZ.

Olivia was confused by the stuffed dog.

These are working guns.  Squirt guns.  LOL!

The Fernandina roller derby team.

On the way back down the street, Olivia needed to check out the stuffed dog again.

This Mercedes convertible's windows were yellow from UV.

Charlie Schott got it clear in minutes using his cleaner.   This would be a good product on any boat with eisenglass.  His website is  

Bruce's '69 Camaro SS 396 is for sale.  It's a real beauty.  Leave a comment if seriously interested, and if you understand what these cars are worth.

Even on the side street, the T-bird got lots of attention.

Yep.  All different ways to cruise.


  1. Beautiful cars, beautiful pictures!

  2. Hey just caught up with your blog. Sorry, we have been busy with land/home stuff. Love your photos, you have come a long way and it is all about noticing stuff. Also Izzy has been on Diamond pet food since birth - it is amazing! Sad to see Gertie in so much pain and hope to see you guys when heading south.
    Deb, Rick & Izzy

  3. Did ya get the boat started and the tanks emptied??? What does the bottom look like? Is it time to take it out and open up the throttle a little bit?

  4. We did. The engines fired right up. We pumped out the holding tank, which is a big relief!

    We're thinking about taking the dogs to Cumberland Island for an overnight, maybe this coming weekend.