Saturday, October 27, 2012


OK, wise guys.  I bought a replacement USB cable so I could download photos of my boat project off the camera.  Olivia chewed up my cable for the fifth time.

I don't know how or when she got ahold of it.  Or why.  She must get peeved about something and seeks revenge.

But here I am, sanding away in my best work clothes.  I'm going to paint the superstructure, inside of the gunnels, and the decks.  I needed to sand off stray epoxy from when the decks were fiberglassed over.

I sanded the walls of the cabin as shown on the left of the photo...

as well as the gunnels.

A well deserved victory beer.

Yesterday I could hardly move.  

In other news, I was going to bring the T-bird to a local car show, but it's overcast and very windy.  It looks like it might rain, although radar shows hurricane Sandy and the nasty weather just offshore.  I'll have to decide in the next ten minutes or so because it starts at 10 AM..


  1. The things you can do with photo shop....

  2. The things you can do with photo shop....

  3. Ok Dave,where did you hire that guy to do all that sanding? I do think thats you with the victory beer though,nicer shorts.