Thursday, October 4, 2012

Shooting Pamela and the Dogs

Yesterday was a "what do you want to do today?  I dunno, what do you want to do?" kind of day.  It was cool here in Georgia, down into the mid-eighties, but overcast.  No point in doing a boat project if it might rain.  So as we often do, we hied ourselves to Jekyll Island with the dogs.  And my camera.

Jekyll Island is a wonderful place to photograph.  We love the driftwood beach especially.  I really want to learn how to photograph people, in addition to dogs and driftwood.  I think both Pamela (my model) and I are getting a bit better.  Here are the results.

I think the driftwood is not as interesting on a cloudy day.  No shadows.

This photo proves that Olivia is indeed insane.

Here's my honey.  Proof that Rubenesque women will always be more attractive than emaciated anorexic sticks.

I love this shot.  The bright colors on the people contrast with the starkness of the beach quite well.

Yep.  Ruby loves the sand.

It was a great day yesterday.  It was cut short by rain, but the clouds hid the sun for most of the afternoon, which was good for portrait photography, not so good for taking pics of driftwood.  I think the driftwood pics are more dramatic with harsh shadows, while portrait photography is better in soft diffused light.

I'm learning.  Slowly.

Last night was also our weekly marina get together at the boaters' lounge.  It's great fun to chat with other cruisers and liveaboards.  Not a grouch in the bunch, just a bunch of happy people.

After the get together, we went home to watch the debates.  Sorry, but both candidates were pretty uninspiring and flat.  It was a snoozer.  Which I did.  I conked out halfway through.  I guess that's the danger of watching a political debate in bed.  If one candidate or the other came to life last night and had you shouting at your TV, let me know.  The economy, health care, taxes... I'm more interested in the beach.  Rock on, dude.

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