Friday, October 12, 2012

What a Great Day

Well, every day is a great day on Drift Away.  Seriously.  But some days are better than others.

It started out with taking the dogs to the driftwood beach on Jekyll Island.  Yeah, I know, you guys are all like "You do that all the time.  It's getting pretty boring."

Yep.  For you maybe, but I never tire of it.  Here are a whole bunch of photos for you to wade through.

You can see how bored the dogs were.  Off to the beach we go!

We weren't the only ones.

No matter how many trips we take to the beach, I see the same driftwood differently.

Chevy!  Do NOT drown Olivia!

Another beach wedding. On a Thursday afternoon? 


Chevy and Ruby didn't care about the wedding.  It was play time!

Wedding over, time for photos.

Lookin' very...  exploratory.

I love this photo.

The best part of the day!  Bill and Patti (SV Enigma, friends from Isle of Hope) stop for a visit!  The dogs recognized them instantly and went nuts.  Pam and I also recognized them instantly and we went nuts too.

Patti gets the dogs attention with treats.  Our dogs love Patti.  And treats.

What an awesome day.


  1. Nice photos as usual, and getting better. I didn't know you'd been down to Belfast Dave.

  2. High heels on the beach, makes about as much sense as high heels at a boat show. LOL

    Getting my boat ready for winter. :((

    Bill Kelleher

  3. We had a great time on our mini vaca visiting Chevy, Ruby and Olivia. Oh yeah, and you & Pam too. :)