Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Proving Darwin Wrong

As you regular readers know, this is a lifestyle blog.  It's not a cruising blog (although sometimes it is).  It's all about what it is like to live in a home that sometimes moves.  To make it more interesting, we added three medium sized dogs.  Hey, anyone can do it the easy way.

We don't even do it the way most folks do.  Most liveaboards stay in one place, day after day, month after month, year after year.  You can tell their boats in marinas and anchorages by the huge amount of growth on their boat's bottoms.

And cruisers?  Most go north in the spring and south in the fall, following the sun and the mild temperatures, panicking if the temps get over 85 or below 60.

Not us.  We just kind of wander along, staying in a place if we like it and leaving when the karma isn't right.

We have friends who pretty much do the same thing.  We met Dan and Pat at Isle of Hope Marina in Savannah.  They bought Ironhore (the H is silent) about a year before we arrived there in February 2012 and had been at Isle of Hope ever since.  As Dan liked to say, "We're doing the Great Loop.   We're on mile zero."

As you know, when I do something stupid, I share it with you.  Why?  Because we ALL do stupid things.  If you're human, you're in this category.  And I figure that if you're reading about something stupid that I've done, you're saying "Hey look honey!  Gibson is cruising and he's a moron!  That means even I can do it!".  Yes.  Yes, you can.

I received this email from Pat on Ironhore yesterday.  Yeppers Pat.  I'm going to hang your laundry right out here so everyone can see it.

Dan and I laughed out loud several times while reading your blog today...So Funny!  And even funnier if you have ever had a dog that has a "farting" tendency!

We had a once in a boat-time experience today.  Dan wanted to get the hatches all cleaned up - spit shined...hardware and all.  He took the hatches off this morning - the first time in 35 years they have been unscrewed (is that a word??) from the boat.  Dan took all of the hardware off...and then went to the car wash to power wash the hatches...inside and out. 

A brief preface is necessary here...I watched the weather forecast for today...and there were some clouds a comin!  I happened to mention to Dan that he may want to postpone this particular project...BUT NOOOOOOOOO! 

Just before Dan left the boat with hatches in arm...there was a very dark line of clouds heading for us.  I did mention that he may want to hurry back.  While he was away I took our trusty duck tape and garbage bags and covered the open hatches...did quite a good job if I say so myself. Dan got back just as the rain was starting - so we literally laid the newly cleaned hatches over the opening.  We were sitting on the back deck enjoying the rainstorm when all of a sudden the wind picked up...and then we heard a loud splash...Yuppers, the wind picked up one of the newly washed hatches and flung it across our dock and right into the water...AND it was almost high tide!! 

Long story short...the diver is coming tomorrow to try and find the hatch...and we have to tape up tonight in case it rains.

Just to go on notice...I did mention the weather conditions....Will let you know how wet we get tonight...haha

Hope all is well - we are looking forward to coming to Brunswick for a visit in the near future...Miss you guys and pups!!

Hugs, P

Yep.  Dan and I are out here doing it, throwing caution to the wind and dancing on the edge of the volcano.  We're proving Darwin wrong, everyday.


  1. Yes, there are many a time that we say Oh Honey,,,,, but noooooooooooo!
    Sorry Dan but that was too funny!

    1. Eureka moment..Diver found the hatch...and Dan is now super glue all hatches to the deck...never to be lost again!!

    2. Great News...Diver found the hatch and Dan is now Super Glueing all hatches to the deck...never to be lost again!!!