Thursday, October 18, 2012

Try Tractor Supply for your Boating Needs

Pam and I buy our dog food at the local Tractor Supply.  We've switched over to Diamond brand which our dogs seem to like.

Tractor Supply is a fun store.  They sell everything farm and ranch related.  They even sell fun stuff like signs that say "if you want a stable relationship, buy a horse".

Yesterday, while buying dog food, I decided to wander around the aisles.  We're planning on building a house in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York next year which will eventually become a mini-farm.  I checked out the track and roller system for building a barn door, their fencing, animal feed, apparel... and stuff I use on the boat!   They sell diesel motor oil, and have a good selection of stainless steel fasteners.

I don't know why this didn't occur to me before.  Tractor Supply is a nationwide company with good prices. You can go there to buy your dog food, stainless steel nuts and bolts, motor oil, cowboy boots, and go-kart, all in one stop.

In other news, we were considering going to see the McGladrey Classic golf tournament on Sea Island today and a car show in Fernandina Beach on Saturday, but that would require leaving Olivia in her crate all day.  We left her in it for just a couple of hours yesterday to go to the marina's happy two hours, and as we approached the boat we could hear her crying pitifully.  When we let her out, she hopped off the boat with her legs crossed to run to the head of the dock to relieve herself.  I  can't bring myself to leave her in there for eight or ten hours.

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