Saturday, October 20, 2012


I started off yesterday by getting up early.  This week's assignment at is "night landscape".  I had practiced the night before by shooting  dock 12 off the stern of Drift Away in low light.  Not bad.

So at o'dark thirty, I hied myself off to the Jekyll Island side of the Sidney Lanier Bridge in the misty rain and snapped a dozen pics.  On the way back, I took a few of the pulp mill.  They all came out like crap.  See?

If you look closely, the bridge is out of focus, or fuzzy.  It might be because the tripod was on grass.  I don't know.

And the shots of the pulp mill are all just flat and uninteresting.

Our holding tank is full and we needed to take the boat to the pump out dock.  I turned the keys on both engines and got nothing but clicks.  Dead batteries.  Upon inspection, I saw that the water had boiled off in both.  How, I don't know.  I suspect a faulty battery charger.  But for whatever reason, they needed five friggin' gallons of water.  They're charging now.  I'll check them tomorrow.

Poor Gertie is about the same.

Scrawny, scraggly, and yucky.

It wasn't all bad.  We had a nice get together at the head of dock 13 for food and drinks.  These get togethers are always enjoyable.

Today will be a car show in Fernandina Beach, Florida.  The car club is meeting at 5:30 at exit 28 of I-95.  I am not.  I will arrive fashionably late.  Photos to follow.

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