Friday, October 19, 2012

Shooting Women

I've mentioned before about how photography and cruising go together.  Many of you are, or hope to one day, cruise America's waterways.  Learning a bit about photography (lighting, composition) will add to your experience and those of us following your blog.  If you study photography, you'll start looking at things differently.  Something you may have ignored before now becomes interesting because of the way light falls on it, or because of the contrast in colors.

I've always enjoyed photography, but most of my photos were merely snapshots to record an image of something I'd seen.  I might position whomever I was with in front of it, standing as stiff as a board.  So lately, I've been practicing portraiture.  My willing subject, of course, is Pamela, and yesterday was beach day.   Here are some of the results.

Bored doggie portrait.   Let's go to the beach!



Ruby found part of an old lawn chair stuck under a log.  She got it out.

Portrait of driftwood.

Pamela poses...

until the dogs showed up to see what was going on.

Trying a close up...

and then a farther out.

Far out...

and close up.

Back at our "base camp", there were a few lovely young ladies sitting on driftwood who agreed to pose for me.  In return, I promised to post them on this blog so they could download them.

She was a natural.

The pretty young lady on the right was reluctant to pose, but her friends persuaded her.

Click on a photo to enlarge it, then right click and save it.

Back to Pamela.



Now I need to learn how to combine portraits and landscapes.

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