Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Folks are Starting to Leave

We knew it was coming.  It was a known.  Sooner or later, our Brunswick Landing Marina here in Georgia would transform itself from a liveaboard community to a cruising community.  Our friends Paul and Jackie are leaving today, heading south on their 40 foot Sparkman & Stevens designed sailboat.

They're going to do it the way I would.  They're making short hops.  Brunswick Georgia to Fernandina Beach Florida, and then to Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and Daytona.  Easy short hops, and they're going to spend a coupla few days at each.

Pam, Paul, Jackie

This is the part of cruising that is hard to adjust to.  You arrive in a marina, make friends, and then they leave.

The other mode of cruising is to make big jumps.  Dick and Libby (their blog is linked down below) ran from Kingston New York to the Dismal Swamp (in Virginia) in a bit over 60 hours.  It's how they rock.   Of course, they don't have any dogs.

Yesterday was brutally cold here in Georgia.  The afternoon's high was only 68 degrees.  We took the dogs to Jekyll Island's driftwood b-e-a-c-h (no point in spelling it in front of the dogs anymore.  They can spell beach) and I actually put on a jacket.  It's the first time since February that temps here in Georgia have been below 65 degrees.

Many blog writers report on what they had for lunch or dinner.  I refrain from that.  No one really cares.  Well... at least guys don't really care.  Except for today.

Yesterday, Pamela made an awesome chicken picatta, with horseradish mashed potatoes and that green vegetable stuff that you have to eat because mom said so.  I guess I raved about it too much because Pamela looked at me dubiously.  I told her I would take a pic of it and feature it in today's blog.  She just rolled her eyes and sighed.  She knows I think that blogs that report on food are lame.



  1. YUMMY!!! Hey, we will be up you way tomorrow. By car though. Taking a mini vaca off the water. Need to do some things in Green Cove Springs.

    1. We're about a hour and a half north of Green Cove Springs. If you have the inclination, come visit! Chevy, Ruby, and Olivia would love to see you! OK, so would we.

    2. That's the plan. Cannot wait to meet Olivia.

  2. When I read the description of Drift Away I never cease to be amazed when I read the description of LRC (LONG range cruiser). I know fuel is horribly expensive and you guys have quite the spot there in Brunswick Landing but the Bahamas are just a hop skip and jump away! Do you think you'll ever head across and visit them or will that be when you trade her in for the sailboat?

    1. Tough question. Our fuel tanks are just about full. We can run for well over 1,000 miles, enough to get to the Bahamas and back. But I think this winter we're going to stay here. It's a really nice marina and I need to get the boat painted. Knowing myself as well as I do, if we were in the keys or Bahamas, I'd find every excuse I could to not paint the boat.

      As to going in a sailboat, that would make sense. While I love Drift Away, I'd love to head to the Bahamas in a boat like Paul and Jackie's and then take a right for the Caribbean. I'd love to island hop all the way to Trinidad, spend the hurricane season there, and then come back. The problem, of course, is the dogs.

      We'll see. We don't make plans, only vague ideas of what we want to do.

  3. LOL, Terry and I have developed a habit of talking in vague and formal language about the simplest things. Not just for the sake of the dogs, but for the kids, as well.

    Used to be, when we were discussing taking the kids horseback riding, we would mention "equine ambulatory stretching." Of course, ever since she read the "Horse Whisperer" at age 9, we have had to alter that to, "Geronimo's Mobility catalyst."

    Now that she's in STEM, I'm guessing we'll have to come up with another word for Catalyst... sigh.

  4. Back to the beach? Thought you were going to do boat projects when it got cooler (LOL)!! We are heading south on the 15th (by car). Would love to stop by and see you guys again. Will let you know more after the movers leave! Hope to see you soon.
    Bob and Lynda

    1. Well,uh... I could have started a boat project, but it was only cool for one day. Today it's back in the 80s and too hot.

      And Pam and I would love to see you guys!

  5. We actually appreciate where and what cruisers eat. If the food is horrible, we want to find out and we'll keep a note. A great deal of reviews are outdated. Also, if cruisers have a great recipe that they would love to share, then we try it out!
    If there is a great boat project or gadget that a cruiser loves and uses, then we might just give it a try.