Monday, October 29, 2012

Jekyll Island Photos

Yesterday was a bad day to be on the beach on Jekyll Island.  I expected that Hurricane Sandy would give us some awesome surf.  I was wrong.

Maybe these butterflies that we saw on the way to the beach should have been a clue that things were tamer than expected.

This was as big as the waves got.  It was flat calm on the ocean.

The dogs were wilder than Sandy.

Nope. No idea what Ruby had in her mouth.

And no idea what these birds were.  Maybe I'll check the bird book later and get back to you.

On a different note, this week's assignment on is "scary portrait".  Everyone was submitting photos of themselves and friends in halloween costumes.  Not me.  I don't do what everyone else does.  Never have.  This is my submission, titled "Portrait of a Serial Killer".


  1. Get on it!:

  2. Love the scary pic! The birds are American White Pelicans.

    1. Yep, I think you're right Paula. I zoomed in on a pic of the birds and I can see the pelican pouch under a beak. Good eye.