Friday, October 26, 2012

Olivia Ate Today's Blog

Yesterday, I actually started on our next boat project.  A big one.  Pamela was out shopping.  I decided to sand the boat.  Not the whole boat.  The deck house and inside of the gunnel, in preparation of painting.  I borrowed friend Rod's big six inch orbital sander and went at it.  I was going to just do the port side, but it was back breaking work.  I could feel my chronically bad back going out on me and I knew I'd be useless for the next few days, so I kept going in the steamy Georgia heat.  I did the starboard side and the bow too.

Pamela returned while I was still working and even took a photo of me working away.  I was going to post it as proof that I do actually work once in awhile.  But nooooo.

I looked for the USB cable that connects my camera to the laptop to download the pics.  It was missing.  I looked on the table, and on the shelf where I keep it.  Nope.  Nowhere.  As I whined and groused about it, Pamela shoved me out of the way saying that I don't know how to look for stuff.  Well, if it's not where I put it, why would I look someplace else?   She found the remains of it on the floor, ripped to pieces.

This would be the work of Olivia, the German Shorthair Pointer Dog From Hell.  I held the pieces up to her face.  "Did you do this?  Did you??"  She skulked away and is now hiding down below in our stateroom.

So, I did all this boat work and have no pics to prove it.  I even took a pic of my well deserved victory beer.       ~Sigh~.


  1. Hmmmmm. Don't want to be Doubting Thomas, Dave but you have pics of everything! Sounds like a good fish story to me.....

  2. The dog ate your "homework"? Really? Did that ever work for you when you were a kid? Hahahahahahahahaha!

  3. I beleive you Dave.........well.....maybe not.

  4. Hahahaha... It would be even funnier if he did make it He pouted and whined as he looked on the shelf then table for his camera cord.....alas, I found it in the dog bed.....chewed to itty bitty pieces....but left the end in tact to identify. Lol.... Poor Lovey