Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dumb Joke of the Day, Plus a Video

Many of you seem to enjoy our dogs romping on the beach videos, so here's another for you.

This one is about nine minutes long, and I even brought my tripod so that the action doesn't look too much like a fight scene...  have you noticed how bad the camera work is in modern movies?  The latest camera techniques seems to be "hey, let's shoot this like someone filmed it with their cell phone!  We'll shake and jiggle all over and make it look really amateurish!"

One reason why I like old movies, and hate most of the new ones.

In other news, we did go to a car show yesterday, this one at the Sterling Church of God here in Brunswick Georgia.  It was a small show, maybe 40 cars, but we were entertained by southern gospel music all day.

This little girl seemed to really like the T-bird, so I opened the door so she could sit inside.

Then her big brother wanted to sit in the driver's seat too.  I showed him how to honk the horn.  Big mistake.

Joke of the day, from a lady on the stage at the car show, and appropriate for this boating related blog...

A ship was passing a tiny island, and a crewman scanned it with binoculars and saw a person on the beach, jumping up and down waving his arms.  The ship stopped, lowered a dinghy and motored ashore.  There, they found a bedraggled man with long hair and a long scraggly beard.

"Praise the lord that you found me!" he exclaimed.  "I've been marooned here for five years!"

The captain looked around, and said "Why are there three huts here?"

"Well," said the man, "I live in that one over there, and that other one is where I go to church."

"What about the third one?" asked the captain.

"That's where I used to go to church."


On a positive note, the Georgia Bulldogs beat the Florida Gators yesterday.  Yes, it is that big of a deal down here.  If you plan on cruising in the south, you need to get into college football.  It is not a matter of life and death here.  It is much more important than that.

Today, Sunday, I think will be a beach day.  Olivia the German Shorthair Pitbull was bouncing off the walls yesterday.  Literally, bouncing from one wall to another.  We need to tire her out, since drugging her is frowned upon.  Also, hurricane Sandy is just to the east of us, so the surf should be pretty awesome.

Pics tomorrow.

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