Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cars and Cruisers

I did it again.  In our rush to get out the door and to the car show in Darien, I left my camera behind.  I thought of it halfway there.   Sigh.

We won a top 40 trophy, out of 126 cars.  No big deal really, but the Thunderbird is an older restoration and is getting a bit long in the tooth, and there were a lot of beautiful cars there, so I was happy to be in the top third.

As we were leaving, I removed the "Show Vehicle Information Sheet" that has the basic info about each car. On the back was "You Might Be A Car Enthusiast If..." list.  I was amused at how much of this list pertains to those of the boating persuasion as well.  Here you go...

You Might Be A Car Enthusiast If....

  • You've ever rebuilt a transmission in your bathtub
  • You've ever bought kitty litter, but don't have a cat (note- kitty litter soaks up oil)
  • You drive with the radio off just to enjoy the sound of your engine (note- or sails)
  • Your garage has more square footage than your house
  • You've memorized your car's option codes and your YearOne (car parts website) Customer Number, but can't remember your social security number.
  • You have your car's VIN tattooed somewhere on your body.
  • You've ever had to drag race to defend your sister's honor.
  • Your emergency room doctor asks for your blood type and you reply "10W40".
  • Your local salvage yard owner calls you whenever something "good" comes in.
  • You know what citrus hand cleaner tastes like... and you like the taste.
  • Your kitchen table has more grease on it than your engine.

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