Tuesday, November 6, 2012


We saw our first manatee yesterday, right here in the marina.  I grabbed my camera and Pam and I followed him down the docks.

There he was, swimming alongside dock 15.

Manatees are mammals and breathe air.  They are not related to walruses, despite the similar look.   They are distant relatives of elephants and aardvarks.

Geoff was washing boat parts on his dock and the manatee stopped for a drink...

and then he was off again...

and then he was gone.

And then we had this beautiful sunset...

Today is election day.  Pam and I voted several weeks ago by absentee ballot.  We're officially residents of Green Cove Springs, Florida, our mail forwarding service.   We both only voted for candidates for federal office, feeling that seeing as how we don't physically reside in Green Cove Springs, we had no business voting for local issues.

On another election note, we get both Florida and Georgia TV news here in Brunswick.  Every day of early voting, we've seen long, long lines of people waiting to vote, some waiting as long as six hours.  I can't help but wonder two things.  First, why are the lines so long?  Are more people voting, or have voting hours been reduced (and if so, why?).  Second, It's pouring rain here today.  Will the rain keep people home?  

On one more note, I see that New York Governor Cuomo has signed an executive order allowing New York residents to vote at any polling place.  That's a very cool move.   

Finally, the votes have been tallied in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire.  It's a tie at five votes Romney and five Obama.

Go vote!  


  1. Vote at any polling place? looks like an easy way to vote more than once!

  2. I'm thinking New York has more issues than a few people trying to make it from one polling place to another. Good for them that they are making voting easy for those folks... goodness knows they have been through plenty. This may help give them a feeling that not all is out of control. Kudos to NY.