Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Blog Diary

1.  Pam and I cruise in slow motion.  When we find a place we like, we stay put for months on end.  But when we're moving, we move.

2.  I write this blog just about every day.  It is my personal diary, but posted to the internet so everyone who has an interest, for whatever reason, can read it, and get whatever out of it you will.

3. I'm getting old.  Things that happened a year or more ago start to get fuzzy.  Heck, things that happened yesterday are a bit fuzzy.

Folks from my in-laws boat club in upstate New York are heading south, possibly heading to Brunswick Georgia.  Pam talked to her dad last night and he said they were now in Wrightsville.  Wrightsville?  I know we were there.  Where was that?  What state?  I don't remember.

One feature I added to this blog is the search function.  It is most cool.  Go ahead, type "Wrightsville" into it.   Top right, "Search This Blog".  You'll see where it is, photos along the way, and the weather we had when we were there.  Or search for "Navi-Nut", or anything else you have an interest in.

This will be a most useful thing for me when Pam puts me in the home.  I'll be able to relive our cruise over and over.

And a special note for old senile Dave of the future, here is the weather forecast for yesterday.  Remember how much you enjoyed the weather in Georgia?

5-Day Forecast for Brunswick, Georgia

Today: PM Showers, High: 67 F, Low: 56 F

Tomorrow: AM Showers, High: 65 F, Low: 51 F

Friday: Cloudy, High: 70 F, Low: 54 F

Saturday: Few Showers, High: 68 F, Low: 51 F

Sunday: Partly Cloudy, High: 67 F, Low: 49 F

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