Friday, November 16, 2012


UBO - Unidentified Beach Object.

Anyone who has walked beaches has found things he or she has no idea what they are.  That was yesterday.  Due to global warming, the tide was incredibly high early in the morning.  When we arrived several hours after the abnormally high tide, we found the beach strewn with all kinds of debris.  Besides driftwood and palm pieces, we found all sorts of interesting things.

Ruby chewing on an unknown tuber.  

Nothing unusual here.  I just liked this pic and wanted to include it.  Don't you want to visit Jekyll's driftwood beach?

Olivia chewing on an unknown tuber.

This thing looks like a big caterpillar crawling through the driftwood.

Nothing unusual here, but Pam found a nice piece of driftwood to add to our collection.

I found this bug down by the surf.  It was barely alive.  A millipede maybe?

Remains of a jellyfish?   Whale snot?

No idea.  An alien pod maybe?

Those Ruddy Whatzits.

Another sea potato?  Sea squash?  Alien life form?

Nope.  Not a clue.

I wish I knew more about this stuff.  I'm woefully ignorant.  But this is why I don't step foot in the ocean.

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