Monday, November 5, 2012

The Golden Isles

Yesterday was a doggie beach day.  These guys love the beach.  We just say the word to them and they go ballistic.  On the ride there, Olivia will quiver in excitement and whine pathetically.  Chevy whines sometimes too.  Ruby is the only composed dog.

Right into the water they go.

I get a kick out of this homemade shrimp boat.

A live sand dollar.

Sand piper.

A passerby tossed Chevy a pink tennis ball.  He pounced on it...

and then lost track of where it was...

giving Ruby a chance to pounce on it like a Great White Shark on bait.

Storks.  No babies.

Pam and I just love it here in the Golden Isles, and Jekyll Island in particular.  Anyone heading south needs to make this place a stop.

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  1. Loved your Halloween/Christmas party - you guys should just move from marina to marina on a monthly basis - stirring up fun. I am seriously thinking of hooking up with you guys just for the parties.
    P.S. Great Pics, always.