Monday, April 1, 2013

All Alone Am I...

You old timers will remember that song by Brenda Lee from the early 60s.

Yesterday was Easter and we had plans to head down to Ocala Florida for Easter dinner with Pam's mom and step-dad.  Pam ordered ham and turkey from a local place here in Brunswick, and then made a lemon meringue and a pecan pie.   Pecan pie!  My favorite!  I like all pies, but I especially like pecan pie.  And blueberry too.  Cherry is nice.  Apple!  I love apple pie!  And pumpkin!   Cheesecake is the best.  I don't know why it's called a cake when it's really a pie.  But I digress.

A few days ago, I was sitting on the aft deck enjoying a victory beer of some sort when I noticed my throat getting a little scratchy.  Uh oh.   The lawn people were mowing and blowing furiously, so maybe it's just allergies?   I usually don't suffer from allergies, but here in Georgia spring is bustin' out all over.

Three days coming.  Each day wasn't too bad.  I can deal with this.

Three days with you.  I woke up Saturday morning feeling pretty poorly, but still managed to get through the day OK.  I even showed the boat to a very nice couple, James and Donna.  But when I got up Sunday, I knew it was game over for me.  I was disgusting.   Runny nose, sneezing, a wheezy hacking cough, and my voice sounded like a bad Bea Arthur impersonation (yes, I've been watching Golden Girls).

I told Pam that I wasn't going.  No one would want to be around me.  Pam said I wasn't contagious at this point and wanted me to go, but I would feel really funny being this sick around anyone.  For those of you reading this, do NOT touch your computer screen while on this blog.  Yes, it's that bad.  When you move on to another website,  you should go wash your hands, and wipe off your mouse.

This morning is only a tad better.  It's 5:17 AM.   I've been up for a half an hour.  That's much better than being up since 1:30 AM the night before, but I still feel like Olivia's foredeck deposits.

So Pamela loaded up the three dogs, the ham and the turkey, and the two pies and drove off for Ocala.  I weakly offered to take the dogs so she could enjoy herself.  It would have been a miserable thing to deal with the dogs while sick, but I'm miserable anyway, I thought.  Thankfully, Pamela took them.

Pamela offered to leave me a piece of pecan pie.  I told her no, because then it would look like she was bringing a used pie.

So I'm all alone on the boat.  No Pam, no dogs, and now we don't even have any cats.  I think this might be the first time this has happened.  It was kinda nice at first, but the boat quickly became cold and lonely.  I really miss Pam.  And Ruby and Chevy, of course.

OK, OK, and maybe Olivia just a little bit, although she makes me insane with I-need-to-go-out-OK-let-me-in-I-need-to-go-out-OK-let-me-in-I-need-to-go-out-OK-let-me-in-I-need-to-go-out-OK-let-me-in-I-need-to-go-out-OK-let-me-in-I-need-to-go-out-OK-let-me-in routine.

Pam will be back early this morning.  I can't wait.  I hope she has a piece of pecan pie!

Three days going.   So presumably, today will be the last bad day of this nasty cold, and each day will get a little better.  That is, if it is a cold.  It might be Anthrax.  I think I might have Anthrax.


  1. Just might be anthrax. At least that thought occurred to me after joining you in clever retorts to the State of Kentucky!

  2. Sorry to hear your feeling bad.Best thing you can do is go knock another chore off your to do list.That will take your mind off how bad you feel.This will also hasten your recovery.I really have your best interests at heart........really I do.

  3. I was thinking of a few extra victory beers to slosh it away!!!