Sunday, April 28, 2013

Diamondback Terrapin

We're still boxing up and moving our stuff from Drift Away to our storage unit.

It's hard to believe that we accumulated so much stuff over three years of living aboard.  We're not even packing up everything.  We're leaving all our boat stuff behind, as well as dishes, pots and pans, silverware, and so on.

Afterwards, since it was a postcard perfect day here in the Golden Isles, we took the dogs to the beach on Jekyll.  I know I post way too many pics of the dogs, so today I'm posting other stuff.

Conchs are everywhere.  Isn't this guy beautiful?

As are shrimp boats.

And prom photos.

Pam found this baby turtle at the water's edge.

Examining him closely, Pam (the vet tech) noticed that the back part of his shell was missing.  Luckily the Georgia Sea Turtle Center is on Jekyll, so we took him there.  Even though it was well after closing, there was a number of young people there waiting for a shipment of something or the other.  Pam hollered over the fence and got their attention and they let us in the back door.   A vet was there and identified him as a Diamondback Terrapin.  She said that terrapins live in the marshes, and that this baby was probably snagged by a bird who gnawed on his shell, and then dropped and lost him.  The vet thinks he'll be fine.

Today I'll be trying to get the Whaler's Evinrude running.  While you're waiting, here's some classic Carlin for you.  It's all about our stuff.