Monday, April 8, 2013

Practice Practice Practice Your Photography

Arthur Rubinstein was approached in the street near the Carnegie Hall in New York City by a man who asked, "Pardon me sir, how do I get to Carnegie Hall?“; to which he replied, "Practice, practice, practice!”.

A long time ago, I admonished all of you contemplating casting off your dock lines to learn a bit about photography and to post a lot of photos on your blogs for me to enjoy while I'm in the home.  Yesterday was a practice day for me.

Pam had to work from 8 AM until 7 PM yesterday, and it was (sadly for her) an absolutely gorgeous day.  I did a few little boat projects, zipped off to the grocery store for a few things, and then ran out of things to do.  I decided to grab my camera.

It's one thing to see a pelican and take its photo...

Friggin' pelican.

It's quite another to go out looking for material.  Yes, being here in Georgia's Golden Isles, it's not too difficult to find something to shoot, but I still had to look and get creative.  It's good practice.

Practice depth of field, in the field.

Find a bird and get it to pose.

A Mockingbird strikes a pose.

The blurred background is called bokeh.

Chillin' in the grass.

Last night's dinner.

Olivia's mockingbird.  See the stray feather on it's left wing?  That's how we know.

And another beautiful Golden Isles sunset ends "the golden hour", that time in the morning and evening when the low sun casts a golden glow over everything.

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  1. Loving your photos Dave! Keep posting them - they remind me of the DPS lessons & how I need to practice! Thanks!