Thursday, April 25, 2013

This Ain't Good

Yesterday was a wonderful day.  Pam and I took a drive to Beaufort, South Carolina to visit Dan and Pat on Iron Hore (the H is silent) and Gil and Hope on Sweet Surrender, Isle of Hope refugees like us.  We enjoyed reliving old times and made a few new ones at Hemingway's, a great little pub right on Beaufort's waterfront.  Afterwards, Pam drove back (as the designated driver) to Drift Away where we enjoyed the gorgeous Georgia weather on the aft deck.

I grabbed my camera and shot Elmer and Myrtle...

Elmer and Myrtle were discussing the merits of the Krispy Kreme glazed donut versus the Dunkin' Donut's version.  Krispy Kreme won hands down.  Well, only because Myrtle deemed it so, and Elmer looked a little chagrined at not providing same.

And then Pam and I saw this coming in.  This got our attention mainly because we're on a "dead end road", and no boat traffic comes this way.  Look closely.  It was on it's way to the travel lift.

Look really closely.

It seems the dolphin striker (the stay between the end of the bowsprit and the hull at the waterline) let go, resulting in the bow of the boat being ripped off.  The headsails are furled, so I can only surmise that he hit something.

It's times like this that I love my trawler.


  1. I hope you find out the rest of the story and share it with us...

    I did the math-- This is your Six hundred and Thirteenth Blog entry.... Who would of knew it would go on for long-- You should publish a book...

  2. I'll regroup the Navi Nut Team for a round table meeting-- The team is spread around the world at this time but I'm sure will be willing to regroup about the prospect of a book "Drift Away" The Chronicles of our "Your" journeys...

    1. Drift Away: Cruising the East Coast in Slow Motion, and A Lot of Laughs.

  3. Drift Away: Ruby & Chevy's Great Adventure!