Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Boats Boats and More Boats

Yesterday started with a pleasant surprise.  Fellow Isle of Hope refugee Frank on Tailhook called.  He left Isle of Hope Marina for good and is taking his boat to the Tenn-Tom, and stopped at Brunswick for the night.  We had a chance to catch up on the news of all us ex-liveaboards from Isle of Hope.

As Frank and his friend Jack left, they cruised past Drift Away before making a 180 degree turn to leave, and Pam got some nice photos of Tailhook.  Frank was a Navy pilot, by the way, and hence the name.

The dogs enjoyed the passing boat.

We ran some errands and moved more boxes into storage, and when we returned we saw, from the parking lot, Dick and Deb on Journey To... making the same pass by.  We didn't have our camera to take their pic, but we decided to take the dogs to the beach and stopped at the Sidney Lanier Bridge to photograph them going by.  

The dogs enjoyed the beach, as they always do, and then we hied ourselves to the south end of Jekyll to see if we could get a better shot of them passing by.  We didn't, but we photographed a few other boats.

Journey To... decided to anchor just south of Jekyll Island Marina, which is why they didn't pass the southern tip of Jekyll.

It was another beautiful Golden Isles sunset...

followed by a brilliant full moon.

As our days are winding down, our senses of the beauty here are heightened.   One door closes, another door opens.

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