Monday, April 22, 2013

We Moved Drift Away!

Yep, we finally moved Drift Away.  We fired up the big diesels and moved sideways 20 feet.

We needed to dock port side instead of starboard so we could launch the Whaler, which lives on Drift Away's roof.  It can only launch from the starboard side.

The Whaler is 13 feet long, with a 40 horsepower Evinrude to scoot it along.  As boat dinghies go, it's a fairly good size and takes up a lot of real estate on the flybridge.  I thought of replacing it with a smaller, lighter inflatable, but it's a perfect size for two people and two (now three) dogs.

There is an electric hoist on the roof to lift it.  It's a scary looking thing, a 13 foot Whaler suspended out over the side of the boat.

But, like most things on this boat, it works well.  As I stood on the flybridge lowering the Whaler, Pam was on the main deck to guide it so it didn't hit or hang up on anything.

It still floats.  Mainly because I actually remembered to insert both drain plugs.

You can see how much room it frees up on the flybridge.  We could have a barn dance up there.

The Whaler hadn't been run for almost a year, and it took some cranking, but it finally caught.  It was running a little rough so I took it out for a short ten minute ride.  By the time I returned, it was running like a champ.

But I think when we head south in a couple of weeks, we'll tow the Whaler behind us.  It should be a calm ride to Cumberland Island, and it's only about a four hour trip.  We won't put it back on the roof until we haul the boat.


  1. Replies
    1. Well, as a mariner, I can't take these things too lightly. There was route planning, tide and current calculations, and then waiting for just the right weather window. We also had to get our nerve up.

    2. And pray that:
      The Engine starts
      The dogs don't jump off
      Pam's not at work
      And above all..... NOBODY'S WATCHING!!!

      Sure am going to miss the boat blog, but the "Mountain Retreat" building blog will be every bit as good I'm sure!!!

  2. After all the problems you had with the Whaler-- Glad to hear it runs well...

  3. I was actually happy to see your comment regarding remembering to put both drain plugs in. I didn't do that on our tender's maiden launch and just about sunk her. We must have looked hilarious in panic mode struggling to pull it up with the davit, the tender half full of water and the boat listing majorly to port.