Sunday, April 7, 2013

How About A Beach Wedding?

Yesterday was a beautiful day, sunny and in the 70s, so we decided to take the dogs to Jekyll Island's driftwood beach.  Our friends Dick and Deb from Journey To... came too.

The place was packed.   I can't believe all those people had nothing better to do than to go to the beach.  Sometimes people really tick me off.  Shouldn't they be gardening or mowing their lawns or something?  I mean, really.  How inconsiderate can you get.

And yes, I brought along my camera.   See?

The dogs loved the beach, as they always do.

Pamela loved the beach, as she always does.

Here are the obligatory friggin' pelican pics.

And an Osprey.

And a beach wedding.   How cool is this?

They even brought their dog.

And just look how much money the bride saved by not having to buy shoes!

We all (not the dogs) went to dinner at the Indigo Coastal Shanty.  If you ever come to Brunswick, be sure to eat there.  They only serve dinners on Friday and Saturday nights, but maaaaan.... it's worth it.   I had plaintain chips lightly salted with a guacamole dip for starters, and then jerk chicken with refried beans over rice and 'slaw.  Excellent!

And then another beautiful Golden Isles sunset, a few medicinal drinks, and it was a day.

So what's up for today?  I dunno.  Dick and Deb are headed home and Pam has to work.  That leaves me and the dogs.   Dog park?  Rig up the ramp Dick and Deb gave us so the dogs can get from the boat to the Whaler?  It's not even dawn yet and I haven't had my first cof of cuppee.  Whatever it is, it will probably involve photos of friggin' pelicans.

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