Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sea Foam on Jekyll

Pam and I spent most of yesterday packing up our belongings on the boat and moving them to our storage unit in preparation of our move off Drift Away and back to upstate New York.  But we decided to take the dogs to the driftwood beach on Jekyll Island to let them run.  It's one of our favorite places to go, as well as theirs.

The wind was honkin' out of the east.  Even though high tide was at 7:22 PM, by late afternoon the beach was already quickly disappearing due to the high wind out of the east and the full moon.

The wind was blowing hard, and Olivia was barking at the swaying palms.  This confused Chevy.

So they decided to run!  They had something new to play with- sea foam!

The beach was covered with it.

There is nothing finer than laying on the beach...

watching the waves.

The view of St. Simons from Jekyll.

Ruby wanted Pam down NOW!

Chevy really does smile.

Friggin' Pelicans.

Just to give you more of a flavor of how hard the wind was blowing, here is a video...

Please excuse the annoying wind in the mic, but it was blowing that hard.

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