Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island has quickly become one of our favorite places.   Its just a short drive from Brunswick and we decided to take the dogs there again to swim and play, something they enjoy and we enjoy as it tires them out real good.   There is a $6 per car "parking fee", but we decided to spring for the $45 annual pass.

Jekyll Island is a Georgia state park, but not part of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.  It is operated by the  Jekyll Island Authority who is responsible for the development and conservation of the island.  It gets its operating revenue from park fees and leases.  Besides its beaches, Jekyll Island has several hotels, a marina, golf course, water park, sea turtle center, shops, campground, hiking and biking trails, horseback riding, a museum, and a fishing pier.

Yesterday was a warm, humid, overcast day, just like every day here.  Although not good for photography, I took my camera along anyway.  Always, always, always, always bring the camera.

As you can see, the place was pretty much empty, being mid-week.  This is the eastern beach which faces the Atlantic Ocean.

Olivia bounded through the water like a gazelle through the veld.   She was after Chevy and Ruby, no doubt to torment them like she does on the boat.
The tables turned.
Since the sport seemed to be "let's get even with Olivia by drowning her" we decided to take a walk.

We took a drive down the road that goes to the fishing pier and the beach on the north end of the island.

Fishing pier.  The lines hanging straight down are to catch crabs.
Driftwood on the north beach.

Pam picked up a small piece of driftwood.  To Ruby, Pam picked up a stick.  Throw the stick momma, throw the stick!
Pit bulls love to wrestle.   Here, Chevy is ready to pounce on Ruby, while Olivia runs in circles around Chevy.
Chevy gets set, while Olivia circles...
Olivia's timing couldn't have been worse.   Chevy sprung just as Olivia was jumping over his head.
Thunderstorms are a daily occurrence here.  Looking north towards St. Simons Island, you can see a thunderhead building.
One of the nature trails.
We stopped by the horse rental place to pick up some information.  Maybe we'll go riding one day.

Last night, after the afternoon at Jekyll, we attended the Wednesday happy hour.  Two weeks ago it was just us and Rod and Patty, but last night there was a couple of dozen people there.   There was plenty of snacks and the good company of other cruisers and liveaboards, most of whom will be heading south after hurricane season with plans to head to the Bahamas. 

As for us, that's planning too far ahead.  I haven't even started thinking about lunch yet let alone where to spend the winter.


  1. Great pictures and I love seeing the dogs having so much fun!

  2. Gorgeous photos, Dave.
    GA's live oak trees - on the coastal islands as well as in Savannah - are about my favorite things about the state.

  3. Hey Dave, did you see the old ruins at Jekyll? There are a great many places to explore on Jekyll. Don't forget to stop in the hotel 'without' the four legged friends. Some days you can catch a good game of croquet and yes the players wear their proper whites!

    1. Drove by them, didn't stop because of the dogs. Yep, we're going to make many trips to Jekyll, some without dogs just so we can go places we couldn't or shouldn't take them.

  4. It's to bad you didn't get the picture of when chevy sprang and hit Olivia's belly, now that would have been a picture to turn in. LOL

    Bill Kelleher