Monday, August 20, 2012

Internet Stalkers- now moderating the blog's comments

I posted on Saturday that I turned off word verification, a means to prevent "robots" from posting spam in the comments section of this blog.   It kept many of my friends from posting as well because the numbers and letters one had to enter were vague and fuzzy, making commenting difficult.  I've encountered the same thing when I've commented on blog posts.  Irritating!

It also kept off people who weren't my friends.  I opened my email this morning to find a hate filled, vulgar laced diatribe from a poster.  It was from a guy who is apparently mentally deranged.  He insulted me, my family, my writing and photography, my lifestyle, and my friends (sorry Tom!) in vulgar and descriptive terms.

My first reaction was anger.  My second was revenge.   But when all that subsided, all I could wonder was why this guy reads my blog to begin with?  Fine, he doesn't like my writing style.   I never claimed to be a good writer.   Then why bother to read this?   There are many blogs that I've read that I haven't liked and so I don't subscribe and read them.  Al Gore's internets is full of many wonderful and interesting things, so why bother to read things one doesn't like?

To prevent further vulgar, hate filled blather from appearing on this blog, I've turned on moderation.   Once a comment has been posted, it will not appear until I've approved it.   Yeah, I know, it seems silly, but there are people out there with nothing better to do than to try to bring other people down.

It didn't work, Jack.  I simply deleted your idiotic comment.  I love my life, my family, my dogs, and even this blog, and rants from guys like you won't change a thing.   If you're looking for attention, all you got was this post.   I suggest that if you don't like someone or their blog, that you simply move on.


  1. There's plenty of Jack(asses) out there Dave. Best to just place them firmly on "Ignore" and carry on. There are those of us out here who love your blog and look forward to reading it daily.

    I've been chased off of web forums before and it's not a nice feeling. Let the crazies have their portion of the InterWeb and leave us to ours. Live and let live.


  2. It's a sad life, when you have to try to make other people feel bad in order to help yourself feel better.

    The good news is, that after a long weekend on the boat, there is still Rum left in this county! And we had a magnificent sail on Saturday.

    Ain't Life Grand.

  3. why would typing in a code deter a determined internet stalker? What I am saying is that the relaxation of verification may not be related to the offensive post. I however have read the post,off line, as I am sure the stalker will read this comment. Read this then A serious crime has been committed and if it happens again charges will be brought whether they be in Georgia or Vermont or wherever.

  4. There is a lot of nuts out in internetland,ever read some of the responders on Yahoo? Good Lord. Dont let it bring you down,go have a victory beer for flushing the guy.

  5. I read his post and wanted to meet him and have a 'chat' with him. Know this, you're blog makes me smile, enough to chat with my wife about adopting your pup when you first got her. (btw, over that now ;) )
    Keep it up and rums all around.

  6. Well that just plain stinks that you got one of those. Sorry you had to encounter that. I still think for the most part, that people are good, just a few weirdos to make it interesting. (I know, I have rose colored glasses) I love your writings and the wonderful pictures that you share. Keep up the great work!

  7. Sorry to hear that Dave, I missed it.

    There's a lot of sad people out there and on the internet. I look forward to your blog and evolving adventure.